Friday, February 26, 2010


A few treats in the shop. These are some of my favorite things. The mustachio card from eggpress, the doe planter which I AM IN LOVE WITH! (It is so hard for me to part with.., one of the sweetest finds from last weekend), orchids, and other shop tidbits. Oh, and one of Bootleg and Tippie at home. That is what my life is like. They rule.


  1. those roses are amazing... i think we got those in at our shop a month or two ago, and all the girls were obsessed. ruffly, peachy, and green tinged... we went through 'em pretty quick ;) do you happen to remember the name?

  2. LOVE those roses! They are peach finesse, and also are available in a rich lemon and a salmon pink! They last forever!